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Project Description

GraphIT is a WPF control for drawing and analyzing 2D line charts. It is written in C# and utilizes no interop with DirectX or other non-WPF technologies. Yet it's fast and smooth.

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Beside the GPL license here on CodePlex, we can offer you commercial licenses. Please contact us via our website:


Technology and Performance
GraphIT is written entirely in pure and clean WPF / Silverlight. There's no interop with WinForms, no GDI, DirectX or other drawing libraries.

Yet you might have heared that WPF or Silverlight are slow - GraphIT proove you wrong! Asynchronous painting and our intelligent image slicing technology, there's no need to worry about performance any more!
  • Pure WPF - no interop.
  • Asynchronous painting for smooth user experience
  • Smooth panning and zoom

Core Features
GraphIT supports a smooth user's workflow without interruptions for setting date or time ranges, zoom factors and others. Simply use the drawing canvas with mouse or touch.

In addition, the user can interact with the curves, invoke custom actions, see real time data analysis and more.
  • Different curve types and drawing modes (line, rect, filled, etc.)
  • Direct interaction with curves
  • Online and offline data mode
  • Relative / absolute grouping of axes via drag and drop
  • Rulers
  • Aggregate functions (min, max, avg, etc.)
  • Different types of legend (table and tile legend)

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